I am currently available for personal, seasonal, body/mind attunement and weight management consultations.

Personal consultations are designed to help you tap into your authentic self, to help you get in touch with the life you truly want to live and to celebrate with you as it unfolds. During these sessions I hold an awareness of the four elements in the back of my mind, allowing your elemental make-up to naturally reveal itself. As we get a sense of your primary and secondary elements we will work together to clear away any blocks that hinder their full expression.

Relationship Consultations
Relationship consultations are to assist couples and families in seeing the energetic dynamics underlying their relationships and to improve these relationships through an understanding of the different styles and needs of each individual due to their elemental make-up. It helps if at least one person within the couple or family has a basic understanding of the element's framework.

Seasonal Planning
Seasonal consultations guide people in adjusting their lifestyle to come into alignment with the energetic cycle of the seasons. This includes getting support in making subtle changes in your eating, sleeping and exercise routine as well as looking ahead to plan your year in a way that fully utilizes the available energy.

Body/Mind Attunement
These consultations are for people who are interested in getting more comfortable in their body. For those who would like support in strengthening the connection between their body, their mind, the food they eat and the earth we live upon. Depending upon the needs of the individual this process can be approached from a number of angles, including movement, art, journaling, verbal sharing and relaxation training.

Weight Management Consultations
If you are tired of the diet roller coaster and are looking for a more balanced way to move toward or maintain a healthy body size, you might want to consider a weight management consultation. Working in a weight loss clinic has convinced me that people are in need of a body-friendly approach. I incorporate body-awareness and body image techniques along with basic information and guidelines about food and exercise. For more information regarding my viewpoint please see the exercise and eating with the seasons sections of this website.

     If you are interested in a consultation, please email me at with your name and what type of consultation you are interested in. The initial session is free and can be done in person or over the phone.